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Sewers and drains

From 1 October 2011, all foul and surface water gravity sewers connected to the public sewerage system on 1 April 2011, were transferred to the Water Companies. The transfer included sections of drain outside a property's curtilage, known as laterals. The property owner is responsible for the drainage pipes within the curtilage of their property.

Sewage pumping stations and associated pressurised (or rising) mains will transfer to the water companies on 1 October 2016, if they have not been adopted before then.

DEFRA has issued guidance on the transfer arrangements.

Depending on where you live in Tandridge, Thames Water or Southern Water are the companies with responsibility for the repair and maintenance of the sewers serving your property.  Your sewerage bill will confirm which company this is and contain the relevant contact details.

I have bought my Council house (or Housing Association house). Who is responsible for the private sewer?

As the house owner, you are responsible for maintaining the sewers equally with the other users, including possibly the Housing Association on a proportional cost basis.