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Fireworks should not be sold to anyone under 18, while those under 16 should not be sold caps, cracker caps and party poppers. In addition, bangers, mini rockets, ariel shells, maroons, mortars and some large powerful display rockets cannot be sold to the public. These controls are enforced by Surrey County Council's Trading Standards Department.

Regulations ban the anti-social use of fireworks. These provisions, enforced by the Police, ban:

  • The possession of fireworks by under-18's in public places
  • Members of the public from possessing 'category four' professional fireworks, the largest most powerful type that are used for public displays.

Regulations prohibit the use of fireworks at night from 11pm to 7am in England and Wales, with extensions for the following festivals:

  • Until 1am on Chinese New Year, Diwali and New Year's Eve.
  • Until midnight on 5 November.

The Police enforce these regulations and there is a fine up to £5000, or six months in prison, for anyone breaching the new rules.

Newlyweds looking at fireworks

Fireworks can only be sold to the public by licensed traders, except at the following times:

  • Chinese New Year and the preceding three days.
  • Diwali and the preceding three days.
  • 15 October to 10 November for Bonfire Night celebrations.
  • 26 to 31 December for New Year celebrations.

Traders who want to supply fireworks for the rest of the year will need to apply to Trading Standards for a licence.

The contact details for Trading Standards are:

East Surrey Area Office
Omnibus Building
Lesbourne Road
Reigate RH2 7JA
Tel No. 01372 371700

Advice on how to keep your animals safe during the fireworks season. The RSPCA has also published advice on animals and fireworks on its website and it can be viewed by clicking on the following link RSPCA - Fireworks and animals