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Cesspool and septic tank emptying

We provide a cesspool and septic tank emptying service with charges starting at £110.50.

We cover all of the Tandridge district and surrounding areas such as Coulsdon, Redhill, Salfords, Horley, Crawley, East Grinstead, Edenbridge, Westerham, Biggin Hill and Sevenoaks.

To arrange a routine service, or an emergency service during normal working hours, please call Tandridge Commercial Services on 01883 732775. Emergency service is carried out within two working days, subject to availability. Charges are shown below.

Cesspool/septic waste collection charges from 1 April 2017
Number of gallonsMinimum charge for routine serviceMinimum charge for emergency service
Up to 1000 £110.50 £167.00
1001 to 2000 £176.50 £268.00
2001 to 3000 £252.00 £398.00
3001 and above £333.00 plus £82.50 per 1000 gallons thereafter  

Terms and conditions

  • Obstructed access abort charge is £62.00.
  • For service requiring two operatives an extra charge of £41.50 will be applied.
  • An hourly charge of £82.50 per hour after the first hour will be charge where applicable.
  • No deduction or credit made for part units.
  • For pipe lays requiring over twelve pipes a charge of £4.50 per pipe will apply.
  • First call fixed time appointments may be undertaken on request, subject to scheduling.

More information

It is an offence under the Public Health Act 1936 to allow a cesspool to leak or overflow. The owner or occupier of premises should ensure the tank is watertight and emptied regularly by a licensed contractor who will dispose of the contents at a sewage treatment works.

This also applies to septic tanks that are not properly maintained and produce an effluent prejudicial to health or a nuisance.

Descriptions of private drainage systems are available in the Environment Agency's Pollution Prevention Guidelines - Disposal of sewage where no mains drainage is available.

To complain about pollution from a private drainage system contact environmental health.

New rules for septic tanks and sewage treatment plants

New rules have been introduced to simplify the way septic tanks and small sewage treatment plants are regulated in England, protecting the environment and improving water quality.

If you have a septic tank or small sewage treatment plant you must comply with the ‘general binding rules’ by ensuring your system is maintained properly and does not cause pollution. Extra protection is in place in areas designated as environmentally sensitive, where people may need to apply for a permit if they install a new system.

The general binding rules are easy to follow. You can read them in full and find further information at Small sewage rules