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Car alarms

A misfiring car alarm in the street that is causing a noise nuisance can be dealt with under Environmental Protection Act 1990 due to an amendment inserted by the Noise and Statutory Nuisance Act 1993.

The Council will make reasonable attempts to find the person responsible for the vehicle, including making enquiries of the Police. While enquiries are being made, a notice will be affixed to the vehicle and, if the responsible person cannot be found within one hour, the Council can authorise works to abate the nuisance, for example, entry to the vehicle to silence the alarm.

If the nuisance is abated by the Council, the keeper of the vehicle will be responsible for all expenses reasonably incurred by it in carrying out the works. The minimum charge will include the automotive locksmith's callout fee and an Environmental Health administrative charge of £158.

A person who removes or interferes with a notice fixed to the vehicle shall be guilty of an offence unless he does so with the authority of, the person responsible for the vehicle.