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Aircraft noise - Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport has a dedicated website with information about noise associated with the airport.


Please note that Tandridge has no enforcement powers to deal with noise from aircraft.

To report complaints of noisy planes landing or taking off at Gatwick Airport, please telephone: 0800 393 070 or send an email to . Further information relating to this service is available on the Gatwick Airport website.

Noise Maps

Noise contours for Gatwick Airport have been produced annually for many years. These use air traffic data during the summer months mid June to mid September to calculate the level of aircraft noise experienced by people living round the airport. The aircraft noise contours are the averaged sound equivalent levels (LAeq) for 16 hour days, between 07.00 and 23.00. Noise contours for 2011.

The Environmental Noise Directive (END) 2002/49/EC requires Member States to make Strategic Noise Maps for major airports within their territories and the maps should represent the annual average values. The END requires the use of different parameters to those used in the current noise contours, Lday (07.00 - 19.00), Levening (19.00 - 23.00), Lnight (23.00 - 07.00), Leq16hr (07.00 - 23.00), and Lden (00.00 - 24.00).

The resulting maps are for an average day over the whole year. There is likely to be a difference between the results for an average day in the summer period (which for most airports is the busiest) and an average day in a year. It has also been found that the Lden indicator tends to produce larger contours than the corresponding LAeq,16h indicator. This is because the noise which occurs in the evening (1900 - 2300) and at night (2300 - 0700) attracts an artificial weighting of 5dB and 10 dB added respectively before being combined to produce the Lden. View END map for 2006.

Given the difference in parameters, it is not possible to draw any meaningful conclusions between the END maps and the annual summer contours. This will need to await the second tranche of noise mapping in 2012.

It must be noted that the strategic noise map has been produced only for the purposes of the Environmental Noise (England) Regulations 2006. Defra cannot be held responsible for any outcomes that may arise from using these results by any party for any reason other than for the purpose stated here.

Gatwick Airport Consultative Committee

The Gatwick Airport Consultative Committee, GATCOM, has 28 appointed representatives from a wide range of interests including local authorities, civil aviation, passenger, business and community and environmental groups. A Government representative is also present at the main Committee meetings, together with BAA Gatwick's Managing Director and his senior management team. For more information about GATCOM, please follow the link.

Strategic Aviation Special Interest Group

SASIG is a group of around 50 local authorities from across the country, all with an interest in strategic aviation issues. These local authorities comprise a population of around 14 million people, over a quarter of the total population of England.

SASIG works for Local Authorities in a strategic manner on national aviation policy so as to reconcile economic, social and environmental issues in a sustainable way.