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Surrey Energy and Sustainability Partnership

The Surrey Energy and Sustainability Partnership comprises Surrey County Council (SCC), as well as the 11 boroughs and district councils and Surrey Police.

The main focus of activity is energy efficiency and energy security (reducing consumption, costs and reliance on fossil fuels across our own estates and for our communities, encouraging greater sustainable energy management). This currently provides our greatest area of influence/opportunities and potential benefits for Surrey.

Our aim is to harness the value from energy efficiency and renewable resource potential in Surrey, protecting against rising fuel costs and supporting a prosperous and healthy future for our residents, public services and commercial organisations whilst reducing carbon emissions and climate change impact.

The partnership’s five year programme is set out in the Surrey Climate Change Partnership Report 2013, which details how Surrey authorities satisfies the requirements of the Home Energy and Conservation Act 2012.

The report demonstrates the tools and resources that will be made available to target community engagement activity to encourage take-up of energy improvements, programme objectives by which progress will be measured against, examples of the type of community engagement activity that will be implemented, how the programme will be governed and the baseline statistics that will be used to track overarching geographical trends in carbon emissions.

Included within the report is further information on each council's plans and ambitions. These include existing commitments and strategic documentation, specific needs in the local area and council priorities, tools available, marketing/communications resources and additional reporting requirements the council is required to make to internal Working Groups or Committees.

Tandridge District Council has produced a report HECA Return March 2017 showing achievements in 2015-2016.