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Energy efficiency and sustainability

Energy efficiency includes the actions we can all take to help reduce the effects of climate change through the promotion of sustainable lifestyles and the reduction in the use of fossil fuels.

Energy efficient homes are well insulated, have modern heating systems, use renewable energy sources and are comfortable to live in. Such homes are cheaper to run and can help take families out of fuel poverty.

The Council is keen to promote energy efficiency by giving advice, including information on how to access funding sources for improvement works.

Specific measures include the provision of loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, water cylinder jackets, double glazing, high efficiency boilers, CHP, heating controls, low energy lighting and draught exclusion. Small scale renewable energy includes the use of solar for electricity generation and water heating, ground and air source heat pumps, mini hydro, wind and the use of biomass for heating.

The local authority can put you in touch with agencies that can carry out an energy survey of your home, give you direct advice on current financial deals funded through the green deal.

Information and advice on installation of loft and cavity insulation and heating provision can be obtained by contacting Action Surrey on 0800 783 2503 or via their website.

Solar panels on a roof with sun flowers

Solar water heating systems: Solar water heating systems are a great way to make use of solar energy. Whilst they do not provide for central heating, they will reduce annual fuel bills as conventional fuel use will be dramatically reduced in the production of hot water.

Solar Photovoltaic's: The photovoltaic (PV) process converts solar energy - sunlight, directly into electricity. Such systems emit no pollution and can be expected to run for over thirty years while requiring minimal maintenance. Feed in Tariffs will reduce installation costs over time although the scheme is subject to change.

Wood Fuel: Surrey has an abundant supply of wood fuel and Surrey Hills Enterprises can now direct you to locally sourced wood to produce quality fuels for use in domestic and commercial wood fired boilers. We are keen to promote this environmentally friendly fuel. Surrey Hills Wood Fuel can also provide lots of additional information on installing wood fired boilers. The Surrey Hills Enterprises can be contacted through their website.

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