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Council Tax Support

Council Tax Support is available to help pay Council Tax bills and is means tested. All your income is considered against an applicable amount based on your personal/ family situation. We can pay as little as 1p per week or as much as your full council tax (it is credited as an annual figure to your bill).

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You can apply for this support using the Benefit Application Form.

Another type of Council Tax Support is second adult rebate. This is paid to a maximum of 25% of your bill and is based on the circumstances of another adult who lives with you. The purpose of this is to make up for the loss of the single person discount you would otherwise receive if the person did not live with you. Second adults do not include your spouse or partner, but are people who live with you such as a grown up son or daughter or other relative.

For information on allowances the government can provide visit Department of Work and Pensions.This link will open in a new window (This link will open in a new window)

for information on the Council Tax Support scheme, visit Council Tax Support Regs 2015