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As the local Licensing Authority, Tandridge has various regulatory functions in relation to gambling. The main ones are:

  • Licensing premises for gambling activities
  • Considering notices given for the temporary use of premises for gambling
  • Granting permits for gaming and gaming machines in clubs and miners' welfare institutes
  • Regulating gaming and gaming machines in alcohol licensed premises
  • Granting permits to family entertainment centres for the use of certain lower stake gaming machines
  • Granting permits for prize gaming
  • Considering occasional use notices for betting at tracks
  • Registering small societies' lotteries.

A premises licence gives permission for a building or part of a building to be used for gambling activities. Particular conditions may be attached to a premises licence, for instance opening hours and security measures.

The Gambling Commission is responsible for issuing personal licences and operating licences.

A revised Statement of Licensing Principles with regard to the Gambling Act 2005 was published and came into effect on 1 January 2016. This will remain in effect for three years.

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