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Street collections

A street collection permit is required if the collection is for charitable or similar purposes and we will vet the suitability of the applicant and check the money collected goes to the stated purpose of the collection. We will also consider the number of other collections taking place on the appropriate date and the location of the collection when we consider issuing any permit.

There is no cost for the issuing of consent, but there are Street Collection Regulations to be followed in applying.

Street Collections are usually made by charities. Collections usually take place in town centres on busy shopping days. Money is collected in sealed collection tins. There are regulations which govern this type of collection. Permits are restricted to enable charities to raise money without their collections clashing with those of other charities. 

Making an application

To apply for a permit please download and complete the Street Collection Application form, or alternatively complete an electronic application through

Please contact us before submitting your application so we can check the availability of your preferred date. Applications must be made at least one month before the date of the proposed collection. When submitting a Street Collection application for a location outside a store, eg Morrison's, Tesco's, Waitrose and Sainsbury's, please enclose a copy of the store's permission letter.

A Statement of Return form should be completed and returned within one month of the date of the street collection together with the Street Collector Details. An electronic return may also be made via the portal.

Money raised from street collections

If the amount raised exceeds £150, there is a requirement for a summary of the amounts collected and donated to the charity to be published in a newspaper circulating in the area where the collection was made. The Council provides information about the money raised by the collections which means the requirement to publish the amount in a local newspaper is no longer necessary.

  • Street Collection Returns 2017
  • Street Collection Returns 2016
  • Street collection returns 2015
  • With the exception of nationally-accepted flag days, we are unable to accept any applications for dates more than six months ahead of the date on which the request was made. If you have been granted a Street Collection Permit by this Council, another permit will not be granted until we have received your Form of Statement in respect of that collection.

    If for any reason the collection will not take place, please inform us as soon as possible so that the date may be offered to other organisations.

    Permitted applications


    Collecting Organisation


    11 and 12 March 2016

    Marie Curie Cancer Care

    Oxted, Godstone, Caterham( Including Church Walk) and Lingfield

    1 April 2016

    Cancer Research UK

    Oxted Train Station

    1-3 April 2016

    Cancer Research UK

    Station Road East, Oxted and Outside Limpsfield Village Stores 

    3 April 2016

    Cancer Research UK

    Knights Garden Centre, Chelsham

    9, 16 and 23 April 2016

    British Heart Foundation

    Station Road East, Oxted

    23 April 2016

    Royal National Lifeboat Institution

    Caterham Valley

    30 April 2016

    Royal National Lifeboat Institution (Oxted and Westerham Branch)

    Oxted, Hurst Green and Limpsfield

    12 May 2016 

    Moor House School & College 

    Master Park, Oxted 

    14 May 2016

    East Surrey Cats Protection 

    Church Walk Shopping Centre, Caterham 

    3 June 2016

    Age Concern

    Station Road East, Oxted

    5 June 2016

    The Breck Foundation

    High Street, Caterham on the Hill

    7 June 2016 


    East Grinstead Road & High Street, Lingfield and High Street, Dormansland 

    11 June 2016

    Caterham and District Carnival Committee

    Caterham on the Hill

    25 June 2016 

    Caterham Overseas Aid Trust 

    Church Walk, Station Avenue, Croydon Road and High Street, Caterham 

    25 June 2016

    Oxted Carnival Committee

    Station Road East and West, Oxted

    2 July 2016

    Oxted Carnival Committee

    Station Road East and West, Oxted

    3 July 2016

    Oxted Rotary Pram Race 

    Master Park to Old Oxted 

    9 July 2016

    St Catherine's Hospice 

    Station Road East and West, Oxted

    9 July 2016 

    Make a Wish Foundation UK 

    Outside Morrison's, Oxted 

    1 August 2016

    Caterham Sea Cadets

    High Street, Caterham

    13 August 2016

    Celia Cross Greyhound Trust 

    Oxted, Station Road East and West & Outside Morrisons

    20 August 2016

    Croydon Parkinson

    Outside Morrison's, Caterham Valley

    3 September 2016 

    Age UK Surrey 

    Forman Institute, Blindley Heath & Redhill Aerodrome 

    10 September 2016 

    St Catherine's Hospice 

    Station Avenue and Croydon Road, Caterham 

    13 September 2016 

    Royal Air Forces Association 

    Woldingham, Oxted and Upper Warlingham Stations 

    17 September 2016 

    Royal Air Forces Association 

    Caterham, Oxted, Hurst Green, Warlingham 

    15 October 2016 

    St Catherine's Hospice 

    Station Road East and West, Oxted 

    29 October 2016

    The Royal British Legion

    High Street, Godstone

    5-12 November 2016

    The Royal British Legion

    All Tandridge

    19 November 2016 

    Warlingham Christmas Lights Committee 

    The Green, Mint Walk, Limpsfield Road & Farleigh Road, Warlingham 

    26 November 2016 

    Oxted One World Group 

    Station Road East and West, Oxted & Limpsfield High Street 

    26 November 2016 

    Caterham Valley Parish Council 

    Croydon Road, Caterham 

    2 December 2016 

    Age Concern Oxted Limpsfield and District 

    Station Road East and West, Oxted 

    9 and 16 December 2016 

    Rotary Club of Oxted and Limpsfield 

    Outside Morrisons, Oxted 

    10 December 2016 

    Caterham School for St Catherine's Hospice 

    Church Walk, Caterham 

    10 December 2016 

    St Marys Church, Tatsfield 

    The Parade, Westmore Green, Tatsfield

    15-24 December 2016 

    Rotary Club of Oxted and Limpsfield 

    Station Road East & West, Oxted 

    17 December 2016 

    Caterham Harestone Rotary Club 

    Station Avenue and Croydon Road, Caterham 

    3 and 4 March 2017

    Marie Curie Cancer Care

    Oxted, Godstone, Caterham and Lingfield

    22-24 March 2017

    Rotary Club of Oxted and Limpsfield

    Station Road East, Oxted

    1 April 2017


    Caterham Hill and Valley

    22 April 2017 

    RNLI Caterham & District 

    Church Walk and Station Avenue, Caterham 

    23 April 2017 

    East Surrey Cats Protection 

    Tesco, Guards Avenue, Caterham 

    10 June 2017 

    Caterham & District Carnival Committee 

    Caterham on the Hill 

    1 July 2017

    Caterham Overseas Aid Trust

    Caterham Hill and Valley

    Direct debit canvassers

    At present, charities canvassing direct debits do not require permission from the Council. Charities are encouraged to ensure that they do not overlap with other charities that have already applied for and received permission from the Council and with charities that also intend to canvass direct debits in the District. The Public Fundraising Regulatory Association aims to ensure that all their fully accredited members adhere to the Institute of Fundraising Code of Practice and, where necessary, take action if it is breached in any way. When canvassing, there should only be one team of three with no slalom or obstructive layout.

    Background information

    It is often assumed that collections can be held in shop doorways or car parks without a Street Collection permit because they are being held on 'privately owned land'. This is not true, as the legislation does not mention the ownership of the land or treat collections on 'privately owned land' as exempt from the licensing regulations. Any place that the public has access to, even though not as a right of way, may be considered as a public place. A Pedlar's Licence, issued by the Police cannot be used for this purpose. Only Local Authorities can issue Street Collection Permits under Section 5 of the Police, Factories, etc. (Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1916, as amended by the Local Government Act 1972 and Schedule 29 of that Act.)