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Temporary event notices

If an activity will last not more than 168 hours and is for no more than 499 people, a full licence for a licensable activity is not required and a Temporary Event Notice can be served on the Council, the Police and Environmental Health (EH).

The Temporary Event Notice (TEN) must be received by the Council, the Police and EH at least 10 clear working days before the function. The 10 working days does not include the day on which the notice is received or the day of the event and please remember that Bank Holidays, public holidays and weekends are not counted as working days.

Applicants are advised not to submit their notice on the deadline in case there are problems, e.g. postal delays or defects with the notice that cannot be corrected in time to be dealt with as a standard TEN.

  1. No premises may be used for temporary events on more than a total of 21 days in any calendar year, and
  2. No premises (even public houses) may have more than 15 temporary events in any calendar year and
  3. Personal Licence holders are subject to a limit of 50 TENs per calendar year and non-personal licence holders can submit 5 TENs in any calendar year .

There must be at least 24 hours before the next temporary event at the same premises if it is organised by the same person or his/her associate. So the same person(s) cannot run two consecutive temporary events at the same premises without a break.

A late TEN may be submitted no later than five working days before the event. The number of late TENs that can be given in any calendar year is limited to ten for personal licence holders and two for non-personal licence holders. Late TENs count towards the total number of permitted TENs

The Police and Environmental Health can object to the TEN and, if they do not object, the function can go ahead. In the event that the Police or EH object to a standard TEN, the application may be heard by the Licensing Authority. There will be no hearing if the Police or EH object to a late TEN.

Conditions may be applied to TENs if the authority consider it appropriate for the promotion of the licensing objectives, providing the conditions are also imposed on a premises licence or club premises certificate that has effect in respect of the same premises, or any part of the same premises, as the temporary event notice, and the conditions would not be inconsistent with the carrying out of the licensable activities under the temporary event notice.

Please ensure that you have attached the correct postage, because if it is not correct, delivery of your application may be delayed or even refused and affect whether the event can go ahead. Please ensure that the cheque for the fee is made out to Tandridge District Council.

Alternatively if you want to apply online and pay the fee go to Temporary Events Notice

Advice on displaying the acknowledged TEN.