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Asbestos Removal Contractors Association ('ARCA') -
ARCA is an association of specialist contractors committed to the safe removal of asbestos and other hazardous materials. It is a trade association representing all those professionally involved with the removal and abatement of asbestos. The association runs a range of training courses and seminars as well as publishing guidance notes. The website provides an on-line directory of all members categorised by geographic location.

Association of Noise Consultants ('ANC') -
The range of expertise available from members of the association includes hearing conservation and industrial noise control programs. Some members additionally provide educational courses and/or test laboratory facilities. The ANC produces a range of information sheets including one on how to comply with the Noise at Work Regulations.

Association of Specialist Fire Protection
The Association represents over 50 of the UK's major Manufacturers and Contractors as well as regulatory and certification bodies, involved in specialist passive fire protection. In order to promote quality, consistency and good working practices ASFP has a code of practice for the design, supply and installation of passive fire protection systems. ASFP and its members are fully committed to sustaining through performance their recognised position in the construction industry.

British Abrasives Federation -
The British Abrasives Federation is composed of suppliers of abrasive products in the UK. Safety leaflets and safety codes are available together with guidance regarding training of personnel in the purchase, storage, transportation and safe use of abrasive products.

British Aerosol Manufacturers' Association -
The British Aerosol Manufacturers' Association is the trade association in the UK for the aerosol industry. Its members include can and valve makers, propellant and ingredient suppliers, fillers and marketers. The website provides information about the industry, issues and aerosols, useful links to other associations around the world and trade media, as well as a list of its members.

British Approvals for Fire Equipment (BAFE) -
BAFE was established in 1984 to raise and maintain high standards of quality in active fire protection products and services. Firms registered with BAFE are all ISO 9000 certificated and have adopted one or more of the BAFE registered schemes.

British Fire Protection Systems Association -
The British Fire Protection Systems Association is the Trade Association of manufacturers and installers of fire alarm and fixed extinguishing systems. It is recognised as the co-ordinating body for the UK fire systems industry and is the leading trade association in its field in Europe.

British Occupational Hygiene Society -
BOHS is a Learned Society and organises conferences and publications for those with an interest in Occupational Hygiene.

British Pest Control Association -
The British Pest Control Association is the UK trade association representing all those professionally involved with the eradication of public health and nuisance pests. The association runs a series of training courses in all aspects of pest control and also offers recognised pest control examinations.

Builders Merchants Federation (BMF) -
The BMF provides builders merchants with the support and advice needed to run their businesses in a competitive environment. BMF Members sell over 6.7 billion of building materials to the trade and public every year.

Chartered Institute of Building -
The Chartered Institute of Building promotes and supports the highest standards for Construction Professionals worldwide.

Chemical Hazards Communication Society ('CHCS') -
CHCS is the active professional body for individual membership by all those involved in the areas suggested by its name. It holds seminars and training courses in relevant areas and publishes a series of Safety Data Sheets ('SDSs') and A User Guide to assist those who receive SDSs.

Chemical Industries Association -
The Chemical Industries Association is the UK chemical industry's leading trade and employer organisation and embraces all the industry's trade sectors, product types and business activities.

Construction Plant-hire Association -
The Construction Plant-hire Association represents 80 per cent, by turnover, of the UK's plant hire industry. The CPA liaises with Government, European Commission, HSE and other bodies to represent the interests of member companies. It contributes technical knowledge to codes of practice, guidance, British and European Standards and sells its own safety publications.

Explosive Industry Group -
The Explosive Industry Group of the CBI exists to promote safety within the explosives industry and to assist HSE in drafting and revising regulations, ACoPs and guidance to this end. The EIG publishes a regular newsletter, has a very active website with details of all members, and publishes a number of specialist guides on particular aspects of safety within the explosives field.

Federation of Master Builders
With more than 15,000 member firms, the FMB is the largest trade association in the UK building industry.

Fire Protection Association -
The Fire Protection Association is the UK's national fire safety organisation. The association works to identify and draw attention to the dangers of fire and the fire prevention measures by which their potential for loss is kept to a minimum.

Food and Drink Federation -
The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) represents the UK food and drink manufacturing industry. FDF works with government, NGOs and consumers to develop industry positions on a range of issues and renew confidence in the whole of the food chain. This site gives you the latest news from FDF, along with information about who we are, what we do and who we represent. The site also lists our publications along with comprehensive food and drink related links.

The GMB is Britain's premier Trade Union for health and safety. The GMB believes in a partnership approach to health and safety. The health and safety area of the site has links to free GMB health and safety publications including Call Centres, Manual Handling, Cleaners, Chemicals, Kitchens and PPE.

Institution of Chemical Engineers -
The Institution of Chemical Engineers is the main organisation for conferring chartered chemical engineer status on anyone with the requisite qualifications and experience: usually a chemical engineering degree and doing technical work within the process and chemical industries.
We also develop and run an extensive range of safety courses, video and slide training packages and other learning products aimed at meeting the needs of people in the industry. These will be available on IChemE's learning portal and training solutions sites. The HSE has contributed materials to, are co-sponsors of, and are purchases of, products on both these sites.

Institute of Civil Engineers -
The ICE is an educational and qualifying body for civil engineers with over 75,000 members worldwide.

Institute of Metal Finishing -

The IMF is:
A professional organisation for individuals, consultants and companies active in the field of surface engineering and surface technology.
An organisation established in 1925 with an excellent reputation for dissemination of technical, scientific and industrial information through publications, organised conferences, seminars and meetings.
A Professional Affiliate of the Engineering Council - a registered U.K. charity.

Institute of Safety in Technology and Research ('ISTR') -
ISTR is an organisation representing safety professionals who work in the specialist area of research and high technology. The membership is drawn from safety professionals in research-based Universities and industry. ISTR holds regular symposia, generally twice a year, and Skills Development Workshops, generally once a year. To facilitate the exchange of news and views amongst the membership, ISTR issues a newsletter, the Bulletin, normally three times a year. The site contains information for prospective members, a summary of the newsletter, a list of our forthcoming events and some links.

Institute of Wastes Management ('IWM') -
The IWM is the professional body which represents over 4,000 waste management professionals - predominantly in the UK but also overseas. The IWM sets the professional standards for individuals working in the waste management industry and has various grades of membership determined by education, qualification and experience.

LP Gas Association -
The LP Gas Association supports its members through the promotion of the benefits of LPG and of safe operations and standards throughout the Industry.
It represents the industry to the relevant Government departments including the HSE. It is the UK representative in the AEGPL. The association is also represented on numerous bodies such as the BSI, CBI, CORGI, IP etc. The association publishes a suite of codes of practice, some of which have been produced in full consultation with HSE and, in some cases, replaced HSE guidance.

National Federation of Demolition Contractors Ltd ('NFDC') -
NFDC is the only trade association for demolition and dismantling contractors in the UK.

Safety Health and Environment Intra Industry Benchmarking Association ('SHEiiBA') -
The Safety Health and Environmental Intra Industry Benchmarking Association offers web based benchmarking tools designed for intra company knowledge sharing and performance comparisons.
The site comprises three distinct tools:
'AskSHEiiBA', a question and answer system where members can anonymously post questions to 100 + companies and receive email responses by return (an archive allows other members to see the results).
A Policy Library where companies can download the policies, standards, guidance notes etc of other members in exchange for which they are expected to upload their own (access to all documents is governed by the owner).
A league table tool where members can either join established league tables or start their own according to the key performance indicator of their choice.
For further information, log on to or call Jonathan Bendit on 0131 669 8545.

Trade Association Forum -
The Trade Association Forum encourages the development and sharing of best practice among UK trade associations - through membership activities and through its website. The website also aims to assist buyers, government departments, researchers, the public, and other enquirers, wishing to access information about UK trade associations and business sectors.

Trade Unions Congress ('TUC') -
The TUC is the voice of Britain at work with 76 member unions representing 6.8 million working people from all walks of life. The TUC website includes press releases, reports, rights at work information and has an area devoted to health and safety issues.

Trading Standards Institute
The Trading Standards Institute exists to enhance the professionalism of its members in the Trading Standards Service in support of informing consumers, encouraging honest businesses and targeting rogue carries information to help consumers and businesses engage in fair and honest trading.

United Kingdom Warehousing Association ('UKWA') -
UKWA is the third part logistics trade association representing 700 UK companies. The main feature of the public area of the site is a search facility that provides details of warehouse space and logistics services available throughout the UK.