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Register your business

To help us keep our records up to date and allow us to send you information on Health & Safety matters, businesses carrying out the activities below in the area are asked to register using the following form.

(Please do not use this form to register a food business as there is another form under food premises registration for this purpose)

Tandridge District Council enforces health and safety legislation within its area in the following types of workplaces:

  • Catering including takeaways, restaurants, cafes and pubs;
  • Consumer Services such as hairdressers, saunas, beauty parlours, skin piercing;
  • Preschool Child care in day care nurseries, playgroups (but not in schools and educational establishments);
  • Hotels, camps, caravan sites and short stay accommodation (but not Local Authority run accommodation);
  • Leisure and cultural activities including art galleries, paint balling, health clubs, livery stables, racecourses, cinemas, theatres, riding establishments, golf courses and clubs where someone is employed;
  • Work involving the provision of welfare for animals such as zoos, boarding kennels, excluding stud farms, horse training and veterinary care
  • Offices;
  • Common parts such as car parks;
  • Churches and their associated graveyards;
  • Funeral parlours;
  • Mobile food vehicles and stalls working at a fixed location;
  • Residential care (but not nursing homes);
  • Retail shops including petrol stations, tyre and exhaust fitters, garden centres;
  • Wholesale and retail warehouses.

There are exceptions to these categories including all council premises, schools, and domestic premises or where the main site activity is the responsibility of the HSE (ie canteens in factories, farm shops operated by the farmer, etc).