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Health and safety self audit

Our Environmental Health Officers carry out safety inspections of local businesses to ensure the safety of employees, employers and others who might be affected by work activities.

To reduce the burden of inspection on small businesses in our area who have traditionally been found to be of relatively low risk and to promote self regulation, we are trialling a self inspection questionnaire system to enable such businesses to provide information about their safety measures and ask for further information on subjects of concern to them.

If you have received a letter asking you to help us trial this approach, we will have already decided that you are relatively low risk and your submission will be part of our alternative enforcement strategy and an inspection will not normally occur. A proportion of those submitting the information will be visited to ensure accurate data is being supplied.

All new businesses will be inspected.

Before you submit your form you are advised to read: Health and safety matters and look at the following HSE website Health and safety made simple

If you have not received an invitation and still wish to help us with this initiative please complete the Health and safety audit form.