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Food safety incidents and food hazard warnings

The Food Standards Agency issues Food Alerts, Product withdrawals and recalls.

Current food hazard warnings

Food alerts are a means of notifying the public and food authorities to serious problems concerning food, where it does not meet food safety standards.

Tandridge District Council takes appropriate local action in response to Food Alerts (for which it has responsibilities) by making direct contact with relevant food businesses by telephone, letter, fax or e-mail, by undertaking visits, or by making indirect contact via the local media.

Affected foods will usually be withdrawn from sale or supply through the voluntary co-operation of food businesses. However, the Council may seize or detain the food, if food business proprietors refuse to co-operate with voluntary withdrawal of the product.

The Council also works with other enforcement bodies to ensure that action is effective.

In addition, the Council promptly notifies the Food Standards Agency and all other relevant agencies if any potentially serious incidents that have local or national implications are identified locally via food complaints, food sampling, notifications from General practitioners or manufacturers etc.