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Food hygiene training & guidance

A proprietor of a food business must ensure food handlers in the food business are supervised, instructed and/or trained in food hygiene matters commensurate with their food activity. They must also ensure food handlers know what the food safety system requires them to do and what to do when things go wrong to protect consumers.

Supervision and instruction

The person in control of a food business should properly supervise and instruct all staff to ensure that they work hygienically.

There may also be a need for greater supervision:

  • For new staff awaiting formal training
  • For staff handling high risk foods
  • For less experienced staff

Even if staff have received formal training, supervision must depend upon the competence and experience of the individual food handler

Small food operations should place greater emphasis on formal training to enable unsupervised work with occasional monitoring.

Written management systems including cleaning schedules, temperature monitoring, delivery checks and hygiene lists can be useful aids to managing the food operation. Providing that you monitor and review these systems on a regular basis.

Compliance with the training requirements for food handlers and managers need not necessarily include attending formal and/or accredited training, whether external or in-house. The necessary skills may also be obtained in other ways such as through on-the-job training, self study or relevant prior experience. Overall the food business operator must be able to show they and their food handlers are competent to provide safe food and are operating appropriate food safety measures based on HACCP principles.

Food hygiene training videos

Records of all food hygiene and safety training should be kept to show what has been provided for each individual and ensure continuity of training provision.

Safer food better business

If you operate the Food Standards Agency Safer Food Better Business system you must ensure food handlers receive training in the safe methods you are using. This training must be recorded in the individuals training record section of the pack, together with any retraining where problems have been identified by the diary and four week review process.

Food hygiene training courses

Tandridge District Council offers the CIEH level 2 and level 3 Food Safety in Catering courses:

  • Foundation food hygiene is a 1 day course providing basic skills and essential knowledge for all food handlers by dealing with the fundamentals of good food hygiene practice. There is a short multiple choice exam at the end of the day.
  • Intermediate food hygiene is a 3 day course providing the level of training that supervisors and managers should receive. It is suitable for owners of small catering businesses. The separate 2 hour multiple choice exam is held the morning of day 4.

Both courses are taught in small groups by an Environmental Health Officer.

Course dates

Foundation (level 2)

18th July 2017

13th September 2017

8th November 2017

Intermediate (level 3)  21-22 & 28-29 November 2017

To apply online please use the following links

You have seven days from the date of payment to cancel your course and get a refund. If you are unable to attend the course you have booked, we will endeavour to accommodate you on later course, but will be unable to refund the fee after this initial statutory cancellation period.

The courses are taught in English so a good standard of English is necessary but exam papers in several other languages can be obtained with a little notice.  Please indicate this on the application form.

Other courses

You can also contact the following training organisations which list companies that offer food hygiene training courses and bilingual trainers.

  • Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Officers Tel: 0207 928 6006
  • Royal Institute of Public Health & Hygiene Tel: 0207 580 2731
  • Society of Food Hygiene Technology Tel: 01590 671979
  • Royal Society of Health Tel: 0207 630 0121