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Notification of change of employment/income

Thank you for notifying us of your change of circumstances. This form will allow us to update your details on the Council's Housing Register. Once your application has been amended of our system you will receive confirmation of any changes this may have caused to your banding and/or priority date.

A change of employment or income will not necessarily result in a change to your banding and/or priority date. However, please be aware that if we feel that you have deliberately worsened your circumstances to gain a higher band your priority within that band may be reduced by up to six months.

All parts of this form must be completed in full. Your answers help us decide how we can be of most help to you and an incomplete form my delay the assessment process.

Further information about how priority is calculated can be found in our Housing Register information booklet; a copy can be downloaded from our website at link will open in a new window (This link will open in a new window).

If you have any queries or need assistance with completing this form, please contact the Housing Needs Team on 01883 732825.

When filling in this form you should only complete the details for Address 2 if your partner and/or children are living separate from you at another address and you wish to be re-housed together.

PLEASE NOTE: The last page of this form has important instructions for completing the application process. Please ensure that you read this page carefully before pressing the 'Submit' button. We are unable to process your application until all the relevant documents have been received.

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