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Advertising policy

We accept advertising on our website. The advertisements are from national and local companies, meet accessibility guidelines and are not distracting or annoying "pop up" adverts. Any advertising will be accepted as long as it meets our Advertising policy.

The Council retains complete control over the content, type and nature of all advertising and will act if, in its opinion, the policy needs to be amended.

All the money raised from advertising on this website goes towards improving services and helps meet one of the Council's key objectives of attracting external funding.

The inclusion of any company's advertising should not be seen as an endorsement of that company's products and/or services, nor is it a select list of businesses that the Council uses. The Council reserves the right to refuse, entirely at its own discretion, to publish an entry or to withdraw the entry without notice.

If you have any comments please fill in our contact us form.

View our Advertising policy.

Want to advertise?

If you want to advertise on our website please visit for more details about availability and rates.