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Budget Information 2016-2017

The Council set a General Fund Budget of £9,015,400 for the financial year 2016-2017.

For a detailed look at the Council's budget please click on the following link: Budget Book 2016/17

This budget is distributed over committees as follows:

Community Services 5,551,900
Planning Policy 1,641,600
Resources 1,154,700
Housing General Fund 1,260,300
Less Appropriations (capital charges etc) (563,100)
Total Budget 9,015,400

The budget has been financed as follows:

Redistributed Non-Domestic Rates 1,048,600
Revenue Support Grant from Government 528,800
Surplus on Collection Fund 95,100
Council Tax Payers 7,342,900
Total Financing 9,015,400


For the financial year 2016-2017, the Council set a Housing Revenue Account budget as follows:

Providing People with Homes 291,000
Improving the Quality of Housing 3,003,400
Managing the Services Effectively 4,962,700
Community Services 492,600
Capital Charges & HRA Support 5,335,200
Total Budget 14,084,900


This budget has been financed as follows:

Housing Tenants Rents 13,414,600
Garage Rent 551,600
Service Charges 621,400
Voids & Bad Debts (502,700)
Total Financing 14,084,900
Contribution to Reserves (0,00)
Total 14,084,000


The Authority's total Capital Programme for2016-2017 is £9,055.500
This will be invested in services as follows:

Housing General Fund 320,000
Housing Revenue Account 6,020,500
Community Services 250,000
Resources 2,440,000
Total 9,055,500