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Management Team

Below are details of our corporate management team, with details about their payscales and job descriptions, as well as the budget and number of staff they are responsible for. All the staff in the table below hold permanent positions. 

Corporate Management Team

Post   Grade  Salary range (Full time equivalent)  Departmental budget including staff salaries  Number of staff 
Chief Executive - Louise Round SM4 £110,259-£124,519 £0 2
Chief Operating Officer - Kathy O'Leary SM3 £93,146-£107,407 £103,702,878 94
Chief Planning Officer - Piers Mason  SM1/2 £68,048-£90,294 £3,424,200 65
Chief Community Services Officer - Paul Barton SM2 £77,720-£88,960 £14,241,000 59
Chief Housing Officer - Jayne Godden-Miller SM1/2 £68,048-£90,294 £30,953,000 79

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