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Chief Officers

Below is a list of the Council's senior officers. You can contact them on 01883 722000, or e-mail Customer Services.

Chief Executive's department

  • Chief Executive, Louise Round
  • Chief Operating Officer, Kathy O'Leary
  • Assistant Chief Executive (Legal/Committees/Land Charges), Clive Moore
  • Chief Finance Officer, Bill Pallett
  • Head of Personnel and Training, Seanne Giddy
  • Head of Communications and Customer Services, Giuseppina Valenza
  • Electoral Services Manager, Hazel Oakley
  • Committee Services Manager, Vince Sharp

Community Services department

  • Chief Community Services Officer, Paul Barton
  • Tandridge Commercial Services Manager, Nic Martlew
  • Parks & Open Space Manager, Steve Hyder
  • Environmental Health Manager, David Beattie 

Housing department 

  • Chief Housing Officer, Jayne Godden-Miller
  • Head of Landlord Services, Marek Witko
  • Technical Manager, Rob Preedy
  • Housing Needs Manager, David Gray
  • Community Support Manager, Olga Salenius
  • Private Sector Housing Manager, Clifford Darby

Planning department

  • Chief Planning Officer, Piers Mason
  • Head of Planning Policy, Sarah Thompson
  • Enforcement Manager, Hilary Orr

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