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Open data

Open data is information held by the government and local councils which is freely available for use and re-use by the public. The aim is to:

  • Make all data we hold available online (unless private or sensitive)
  • Encourage residents, businesses and anyone else with an interest to use our data to develop applications
  • Increase transparency and accountability

What are the licence conditions?

You can use this data in a wide variety of applications. All the data is available under the UK Open Government licence which allows sharing and reuse for commercial purposes. The data can be used with any Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 licence.

Data we currently make available

RSS format

CSV and PDF formats

General information

Council tax and spending



For recent election results please visit Elections and voting.

Consumer Data Research Centre

The CDRC creates, supplies, maintains and delivers data to a wide range of users who want to conduct research using big consumer data. 

Consumer Data Research Centre - Tandridge data

Social media

Other information

We also publish other information under the DCLG Code of Recommended Practice for Local Authorities on Data transparency

You can also see what else we publish in our Publication Scheme and make your own requests to see data under the Freedom of Information Act.

Other useful applications

  • On Surrey-i you can find information about the whole of Surrey and its residents from county to village level, in charts, tables and maps.
  • On the Office of National Statistics website you can access detailed statistics about an area.

Data formats used

We use the following data formats on this website

  • CSV - Comma separated values
  • RSS - Really Simple Syndication
  • PDF - Portable document format
  • RDF - Resource Description Framework
  • XML - Extensible Markup Language