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Freedom of information

The Freedom of Information Act assumes all government information, including information held by local councils such as Tandridge, will be made available unless there is a reason not to do so. There are a number of exemptions and you will be advised if one of these applies. Please note that the council is not obliged to provide information which it does not already hold.

If you want to make a request:

  • It must be in writing eg letter or e-mail.
  • You must give your real name.
  • You must give an address which we can reply to - this can be a postal or e-mail address.
  • You must give as much information as possible.

We can accept a request by social media, such as Twitter, as long as it meets the above requirements, but we will only send a reply by letter or e-mail to ensure we can provide a detailed response. This follows advice from the Information Commissioner's Office.

You can also use our freedom of information request form. Please give as much detail as possible.

Information can be provided in a number of ways. Every council is required to maintain a Publication Scheme, which includes a list of all of our standard documents. The scheme has details of information which is regularly published and for which there may be a standard charge.

Information currently available from the Council under existing arrangements, such as Land Charges enquiries or the Data Protection Act is not affected by the Freedom of Information act.

The Freedom of Information Act does allow the public to write to the Council to request information which may not be covered by the Publication Scheme or other existing arrangements.

The Council is required to provide any information requested within 20 working days of receipt of your request. In cases where this may not be possible or a delay will result, we will discuss how your request can best met. If the request requires exceptional effort, you may be asked to pay the costs of meeting your requirement.

In any event, a reply should be received within 20 days. We do not automatically acknowledge receipt of enquiries at present, but you will receive a reply or further information within this time limit.

Additional information about the act can be found on More information about the Council's Publication Scheme and Record Retention and Disposal Scheme.

Not satisfied with the way we have dealt with your request? 

If you are not satisfied with the way we have handled your FOI request, you can ask our FOI officer to review your case.

Other information

A great deal of our information is available without an FOI request. The Transparency Code 2014 categorises the data which councils are required to publish, find out more on our Transparency page.