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Tandridge District Council does not operate a constantly monitored CCTV network and does not operate any cameras beyond council owned property.

Six council sites open to the public benefit from CCTV systems. The majority of the cameras on these sites are fixed focus and look at set points. They record in full colour both by day and night and in all weathers. The cameras are either of a classic ‘shoe box’ design or are mounted in protective domes. In one case a dome mounted camera rotates around a number of preset views.

As facilities are upgraded camera provision may include a specialist NPR (Number plate reading) camera. A detailed list of the cameras locations is shown at the end of this overview. Security cameras covering areas closed to the public are not included in this overview.

The key objectives of the CCTV system are to:

  1. Protect areas and premises used by the public.
  2. Deter and detect crime.
  3. Assist in the identification of offenders leading to their arrest and successful prosecution.
  4. Help reduce anti-social behaviour.
  5. Help reduce fear of crime.
  6. Encourage better use of facilities.

How do the CCTV systems work?

Each system stores digital images to a locally situated hard drive. Recordings are not monitored and are not reviewed unless there is a justifiable reason to do so.  In order to maximise storage capacity recordings are made to ‘lapsed’ time digital recorders. ‘Lapse’ time recording will show events with small gaps in the sequence and may give a slightly jerky appearance. The copyright of all images remains with the Council and images may not be used improperly e.g. for entertainment purposes. Each system is unique and has been installed to reflect the needs of the environment in which it has been installed.

Normal recordings will be kept for a minimum of 14 days and a maximum of 31 days.

Images for ongoing investigations are held until investigations are completed.

Once an image is no longer required, the images are over-written by the computer and are no longer available for use. Detailed records are kept of all recordings, viewings and use of evidence.


Tandridge District Council takes the issue of people’s rights to privacy seriously. On installation every camera will have both an operational assessment and a privacy impact assessment. The first is to assess if the camera is doing the job it was installed to do. The second assessment is to ensure our cameras do not unnecessarily impact on people’s privacy.

Further information

Tandridge District Council CCTV camera system locations


Number of Cameras



Station Road, Whyteleafe, Council car park

Four fixed cameras

Pole and dome mounted

Main body of car park, ticket machine and entrance

Station Road, Woldingham, Council car park

Four fixed cameras including a NPR camera

Pole mounted

Main body of car park, ticket machine and entrance

Ellice Road, Oxted, Council Car Park

Four fixed cameras

Pole mounted

Main body of car park, vehicle entrance and exit, pedestrian alleyway

Queens Park Pavillion, children’s play area, Queens Park Caterham

Cameras mounted around pavilion and at play area

Pole and dome mounted

Environs of pavilion, children’s play area

Hillbury Road Recreation ground, Hillbury Road, Warlingham

Cameras mounted around pavilion and one dome mounted preset multi position camera

Fixed and dome mounted

Park access, main open space, pavilion environs

Main Council Offices Car Park, Station Road East, Oxted (open to the public at weekends)  

Wall mounted fixed cameras

Fixed cameras

Sections of car park, vicinity of main building