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Becoming a councillor

What is a councillor?

Tandridge District Council has 42 councillors, democratically elected from different areas (wards) in the district to look after the interests of their local communities and the district as a whole. 

Councillors decide on the priorities and objectives for the Council and how much it will spend. They are also appointed to specialist committees, which consider reports about services and other issues, as well as representing the Council on many local organisations. The committees can make certain decisions on behalf of the Council; in other cases they make recommendations to the full Council. 

Councillors are not employed by the council but do receive an allowance for the duties they carry out. 

GOV.UK provides more information on the role of a  councillor.

What does a councillor do?

When you vote in local elections you elect a councillor for your ward. A councillor represents their constituents. They also decide the priorities and objectives which the council will pursue, as well as the amount the Council spends.

Councillors (otherwise known as members) are appointed to a number of specialist committees, which consider reports about services and other issues. They also represent the Council on many local organisations.

They are not employed by the Council, but they do receive an allowance for the duties they carry out.

Committees are empowered to take decisions on certain matters on behalf of the Council. Otherwise they make recommendations to full Council meetings.

More information about Councillors & committees

Interested in becoming a councillor?

To qualify as a candidate for election to the District Council you must ensure that on the day you are nominated as a candidate you are:

  • 18 years of age or over.
  • A Commonwealth citizen (which includes a British subject) or a citizen of the Irish Republic or a member state of the European Union.
  • You are a local elector, or you live, work or own a property in the area.

If you are interested in becoming a councillor, visit for information on:

  • How to become a councillor
  • Eligibility

Or download the Local Government Association’s Be a councillor

If you want to stand for election as an independent candidate please contact Electoral Services

Follow these links for details of councillors in our area and the MP for East Surrey: 

Are there any restrictions to becoming a councillor?

You can be disqualified from holding the office of councillor for:

  • Having a conviction for corruption or illegal practises.
  • Being convicted within the last five years of an offence with a sentence of imprisonment (whether suspended or not) for not less than three months without the option of a fine.
  • Being an adjudged bankrupt.

For further information regarding restrictions please refer to the Local Government Act 1972 Section 80 and 81.