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Chairman of the Council

During the Annual Meeting of the Council in May, the Chairman of the Council and Vice Chairman are appointed for the year. The Chairman represents the Council at local community events and outside functions.

If you would like to invite the Chairman of the Council to attend a local event, for example to open a fete, make a speech or as a guest, please contact the Chairman's Secretary Diane Pike. Once she has confirmed availability you will need to complete a Chairman's form.

Chairman of the Council, Pat Cannon and his wife JillTandridge District Council’s Chairman for 2017-2018

Tandridge District Council’s Chairman for 2017-2018 is Councillor Gill Black. The previous chairman, Councillor Pat Cannon, presented her with the ceremonial chain of office when she was elected at the Annual Council meeting.

The Vice-Chairman of the Council, also elected, is Councillor David Cooley, who represents the Warlingham West Ward.

Councillor Black has lived in the district for 29 years and has represented the Bletchingley & Nutfield Ward since 2007. She has been the Chairman of the Planning Committee since 2010 and has also served on the Community Services, Overview & Scrutiny and Planning Policy Committees.

Her chosen charity for the year is the Bletchingley Skills Centre, a charity founded in 1989 with the goal of providing adult education classes for disabled and non-disabled people.  Courses offered include numeracy, literacy, cookery, crafts and exercise. The courses help students become more independent and learn skills to enable them to seek employment. There are currently 70 student placements attending courses each week.

 The Chairman, who is married with four sons, will be supported by her husband Jeff, who will be her Consort.  

The Chairman will be supported by his wife Jill, who will be his Consort.

Vice Chairman of the Council

The Vice-Chairman of the Council is Councillor David Cooley, who represents the Warlingham Ward.