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The former Rose & Young site

Planning Inspectorate agrees to adjourn Rose & Young compulsory purchase inquiry

The public inquiry into the Council’s application to acquire the Rose & Young site by a compulsory purchase order, which was due to start on the 25 April, has been adjourned by the Planning Inspectorate following a request by the Council.

The Council’s objective is to secure the redevelopment of the site and last year it granted planning permission for two schemes. Due to the lack of redevelopment of the site over a period of 20 years the Council backed compulsory purchase of the site to provide a restaurant with a hotel above. At the same time the owner of the site received planning permission for retail units with flats above.

The Council has received information that the current owner of the site is close to exchanging contracts with credible developers to build the retail units with flats above. In achieving the Council’s aims for Caterham, it was considered important to give a small amount of extra time to allow the potential exchange of contracts to be explored. As such the Planning Inspectorate has agreed to a two month adjournment of the inquiry.


Redevelopment of the former Rose & Young site in Caterham has been a long standing objective of the Council.                   

The privately owned site has remained unoccupied for many years and the Council, residents and businesses are unhappy with the run down appearance of the land and building as well as the lack of contribution to the town centre. 

In 2015 the redevelopment of the former Rose and Young site, in Caterham, took a major step forward following the exchange of legal contracts between CoPlan Estates Ltd to provide a Premiere Inn hotel, a Beefeater Restaurant and a further retail unit. CoPlan Estates Ltd has submitted the planning application for the site.

In addition, the owner of the site, Caterham Properties Ltd also submitted a planning application for the site to provide flats with retail on the ground floor. 

Both applications were given permission. As local planning authority the Council can consider two applications for a site and determine these using the policies in the local plan. It is entirely possible for more than one planning permission to exist for a site. Planning permissions are attached to the land, not to individuals.  


To find out more about the two applications for the site please click on the links below:

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