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Corporate strategy & performance management

The Corporate Strategy provides the framework which enables the Council to deliver efficient and effective services to the local community and enhance the quality of life for our residents.

The Strategy comprises Key Corporate Priorities which are reviewed annually by the Council Administration Resources Committee and then agreed by Council. These Priorities reflect a number of factors including key issues for residents, available resources, statutory requirements and demand for services.  By reviewing these priorities annually we are ensuring that we can continue to provide the right services at the right cost.

The aims of the Key Corporate Priorities are delivered through Committee Service Plans which set detailed core objectives for each of the Policy Committees. Committee Service Plans are reviewed and agreed by Policy Committees annually.

This process is undertaken at the same time that detailed Committee budgets and performance indicators are set to ensure priority setting, budget setting and performance monitoring are fully integrated.

Progress against Key Performance Indicators is provided quarterly to both Policy Committees and the Overview and Scrutiny Committee. Progress against Committee Service Plan Core Objectives is provided to Policy Committees twice a year and the Overview and Scrutiny Committee quarterly. This approach enables Committees to monitor outturn, identify trends in performance and if necessary, take remedial action.