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Storing your waste

By following some simple tips your waste can be safely and hygienically stored while waiting for a collection.

In the kitchen & using your food recycling caddy

  • Cover food instead of leaving it out in the open, the smell will be contained and won't attract flies.
  • Transfer food waste into your silver caddy as soon as you can and keep the caddy lid closed when not in use. If your food waste caddy is broken or does not shut properly please request a new container.
  • Clean out your caddy regularly. Pay particular attention to the lip and underside of the lid where flies may land and lay their eggs. If possible store the caddy away from direct sunlight.
  • Use compostable caddy liners, or a small amount of newspaper, to keep your caddy clean. Compostable bags can be purchased from a number of local shops in the district or from online retailers such as Ebay and Amazon. List of local suppliers.
  • Try not to prepare too much food as this will reduce the amount of food you throw away and save you money too. Get some tips from Love Food Hate Waste Surrey.
  • If you have pets and they don't eat all their food, cover it up.

In your waste bin

  • Remove all food waste by using the weekly food waste collection service.
  • Rinse food trays and other food packaging that can’t be recycled before you put it in the bin. This will also reduce bad odours.
  • Rinse your bin out regularly and keep it clean. Pay particular attention to the lip and underside of the lid where flies may land and lay their eggs.
  • Squeeze as much air as you can out before sealing the bags and tie them tightly, with no holes, to prevent odours from escaping.
  • Double wrap pet waste, unwanted pet food and nappies. If nappies are included in your rubbish, empty solids into the toilet and double bag the nappy. Consider using washable nappies to reduce your impact on the environment.
  • Leave the bin out of direct sunlight if possible.
  • Ensure the bin lid is closed.
  • Hang insecticide strips inside your bin to help control flies. Or, for a natural remedy, use Citronell or eucalyptus scented spray or oil as flies do not like the smell.

In your recycling bin

  • Rinse out food containers and food packaging. No need to use extra water, just use what's left at the end of your washing up. This will keep your bin clean too.
  • Ensure the bin lid is closed. If your recycling bin is broken, or does not shut properly, please request a new container.
  • Mark your bin with your property name or number to ensure you get your clean recycling bin back after your collections.

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