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High hedges

A high hedge is defined as ‘a line of two or more evergreen, or semi-evergreen trees or shrubs which are two or more metres high and which because they are too tall cause problems like blocking light.’ 

The Department for Communities and Local Government has several leaflets which provide advice on high hedges and how to settle high hedge disputes. 

If a high hedge on another person’s land spoils your reasonable enjoyment of your property, because it is too tall, we can deal with complaints only as a last resort if you can show us all other attempts to resolve the matter including mediation, have failed. Mediation advice is available from East Surrey Community Mediation.

High hedges: complaining to the council explains what happens if we get involved. 

If you have tried without success to resolve matters and want us to get involved please:

  1. Read our Guidance notes for completing the high hedges complaint form which explain the criteria for making a complaint.
  2. If you meet the criteria explained in the Guidance notes please complete our High Hedges Complaint Form and send it to us with your fee, to cover what can be lengthy investigations. We charge £500 currently, reduced to £250 for those receiving certain benefits.