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Caterham, Chaldon, Whyteleafe

The first proposal for a Neighbourhood Plan in Tandridge was for the area made up by the Caterham Hill Parish, Caterham Valley Parish, Chaldon Parish and Whyteleafe Parish. This proposed Neighbourhood Plan was the subject of a "front runner" bid for Government funding in late 2011.  The bid was successful and £20,000 was awarded to help prepare the Neighbourhood Plan. More details can be found on the CR3 Forum website.

A formal application made by Caterham Hill Parish Council, Caterham Valley Parish Council, Chaldon Village Council and Whyteleafe Village Council to designate the Neighbourhood Area was received by the Council and was publicised in accordance with the relevant Regulations. No comments were received. On 18 July 2012 the Council designated the Caterham Hill/Caterham Valley/Chaldon/Whyteleafe Neighbourhood Area. The area is shown on this map of CR3 Neighbourhood Area.

The District Council has screened the proposed Neighbourhood Plan to determine if a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) will be required. The CR3 Neighbourhood Plan SEA Screening concludes a SEA will be required.