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Technical assessments for the Local Plan

To support and inform the Local Plan, a range of evidence and technical assessments are being prepared. Gathering evidence is an on-going process and more documents will be added as they become available.

Some of the documents are large file sizes and may take some time to download.

Paper copies of the documents can be obtained by contacting Customer Services on 01883 722000 or e-mail The printing of documents may incur a charge - cost of documents.

Review of Tandridge Local Plan process  

An independent review of the Local Plan process has recently been completed by the Planning Officers Society. The review concluded the overall approach being taken to prepare the Local Plan is appropriate and not flawed. A copy of the report is available below.

Planning Officers Society Audit Report 

Technical assessment documents published in 2016

Statutory documents

Environment and the Green Belt

Green Belt Assessment (GBA) Part 2 and Appendix 1 October 2016

Green Belt Assessment Part 2 - Critical Review


Site Based Ecology Assessments SBEA (Volume 1) 2016

Site Based Ecology Assessments SBEA (Volume 2) 2016

Environment - Landscape

Landscape and Visual Assessment- Concept Areas 2016

Landscape Capacity and Sensitivity Study Oct 2016 (LCSS) Intro and Warlingham

LCSS Overview Map 

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment October 2016


Sites assessments - housing and employment

Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) Oct 2016

Spatial Approaches Local Plan: Sites Consultation Topic Paper

Technical assessment documents pre 2016

Environment and the Green Belt  

Green Belt Assessment Methodology 2015 

Green Belt Assessment part 1 Report 2015

Green Belt Assessment part 1 2015 - independent review   

Housing and site assessments


Retail and economy

Statutory documents