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Local plan – the process

Our Local Plan for Tandridge will set out the vision for the district up to 2033 and provide a framework for the future improvement, development and local protection of our area and the Green Belt.    

Producing a local plan is a long and detailed process which can take up to three years. The legally prescribed process, which must comply with the government’s National Planning Policy Framework, ensures the different ways of meeting future employment, business, housing and leisure needs are considered.  

Our Local Plan will be shaped by: 

  • The issues facing the district
  • National planning policy
  • Neighbourhood plans
  • Evidence from a range of assessments
  • Community and other feedback gathered through formal consultations.

We have an experienced planning team working on the development of the plan and we use consultants who are experts in their field, for example in understanding housing need and housing markets and to critically examine Green Belt assessments.  

At every stage the most robust and independent work is undertaken to maintain the integrity of the process and to ensure the outcome is a sound plan which will support residents and businesses in the future.

The final version of the Local Plan will include policies that will direct what future development would be permitted and where. 

The process is expensive, time consuming and complex, but it is important to get it right so that we can get a Plan in place which residents can rely on to provide communities with the right development, in the right places, for the right purposes. 

More importantly the Local Plan needs to support Tandridge as an environment where people want to live, work and visit. 

Why do we need a Local Plan?

Our Local Plan allows local people to have a say on setting local planning policies. This gives us some control over how our area grows and develops in future and how we protect it. 

Without a Local Plan, future development would be decided solely in line with the National Planning Policy Framework. By consulting on and creating our Local Plan, our future planning policies can reflect the things that are important to those living, working and visiting our district.

Tandridge District Council knows how important the openness of the district is to our residents and is committed to protecting its green spaces in the long term.

How is a Local Plan created?

Our Local Plan is created by Tandridge District Council in consultation with interested parties, and follows a process laid out in national planning policy. It involves several stages including:

  • Reviewing existing national, sub-national, county, sub-region and local strategies – for example the National Planning Policy Framework, the Strategic Economic Plan (Coast to Capital Growth Deal), Surrey Rural Strategy, East Surrey Housing Strategy etc.
  • Identifying the issues raised by these strategies
  • Identifying objectives to overcome some or all of these issues
  • Setting a vision for the district for the next 20 years
  • Developing a strategy to deliver the vision and objectives
  • Writing policies that will deliver the strategy
  • Formally consulting on various approaches to deliver the vision and objectives first, and consulting again later on the more detailed policies needed to meet the Plan’s objectives
  • Submitting the detailed Local Plan to government for inspection
  • Monitoring that the agreed polices are working and reviewing them if necessary.  


  • Additional Preparation Stage (Regulation 18) – Sites Consultation: October to December 2016
  • Proposed Submission Stage (Regulation 19): October to December 2017
  • Submission (Regulation 22): January to March 2018 
  • Independent Examination (Regulation 24): July to September 2018
  • Adoption of a Local Plan (Regulation 26): January to March 2019

The Council's up to date timetable is set out in the Local Development Scheme June 2016.