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I want to build a residential annexe in my garden - do I have to pay the CIL

I want to build a residential annex (granny flat) in my garden – do I have to pay the CIL?

If the development is for a residential annex (i.e. a new dwelling such as a ‘granny flat’) within the grounds of the main dwelling, you do not have to pay the CIL as long as you submit the ‘CIL Form 8 Self Build Residential Annex Exemption Claim Form’ and have it agreed by the Council before commencement on site.  There is no requirement for the occupier of the annex to be related to the owner of the main dwelling, or to commit to staying there for a specified period.

 However, the annex will stop being exempt if within three years of completion:
• The main house is used for any purpose other than as a single dwelling, or
• The annex is let, or,
• Either the main residence, or the annex, is sold separately from the other.