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Community Infrastructure Levy

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a new way local councils can raise funds towards infrastructure from developments in their area. This will in the majority of cases replace the existing system of using planning obligations (Section 106 agreements) to secure funds. The money can be used to fund infrastructure that supports development.

CIL is a non-negotiable charge on development and is calculated as pounds per square metre based on the net level of development proposed. In order to charge CIL the District Council must set CIL rates based on evidence of viability and produce a CIL charging schedule which is subject to an independent examination.

For further information about the Tandridge Community Infrastructure Levy visit our CIL implementation page.   

June 2014 - Inspector's report

Following the examination into the Tandridge District Draft Charging Schedule the Inspector has recommended the Charging Schedule for adoption subject to one modification being made. He found that:

"In setting the CIL charging rate the Council has had regard to detailed evidence on infrastructure planning and the economic viability evidence of the development market in Tandridge District. The Council has tried to be realistic in terms of achieving a reasonable level of income to address a gap in infrastructure funding, while ensuring that a range of development remains viable across the authority’s area."

The modification is summarised as:

"Modify footnote 2 of the residential development element of the CIL Charging Schedule to exclude Sheltered / Retirement Housing and Extra Care accommodation from the rate."  

The Inspector’s report concludes that the Council has sufficient evidence to support the schedule and can show that the levy is set at a level that will not put the overall development of the area at risk.

The charging schedule will be adopted by the Council on Thursday 24 July 2014 and the Levy will come into effect on Monday 1 December 2014.  It should be noted that the Council's validation requirements will be changed on Monday 1 September so every planning application submitted on or after this date must include the required Levy forms.   

December 2013 – Draft Charging Schedule Submission and Statement of Modifications  

Following Tandridge District Council’s publication of its Draft Charging Schedule from Friday 23 August until Friday 4 October 2013, the Draft Charging Schedule was submitted for examination on Monday 9 December 2013.

The CIL will now be subject to an independent examination conducted by the Planning Inspectorate.  Examination progress and copies of all the submission documents will be available on the CIL Examination page which will be updated as and when the Council receives further information. In mid December Mr Terry Kemmann-Lane JP DipTP FRTPI MCMI was appointed as the Inspector to consider the Draft Charging Schedule.

In line with Regulation 19 of the Community Infrastructure Regulations 2010 (as amended), a Statement of Modifications outlining amendments to the Draft Charging Schedule has been produced and is available to view here:

Should you wish to appear at the examination in connection with the Statement of Modifications, a request must be submitted by 5pm Monday 13 January 2014*.  Requests to be heard at the examination can be submitted in the following ways:

  • By email:
  • By post: Community Infrastructure Levy, Planning Policy, Tandridge District Council, Station Road East, Oxted, Surrey, RH8 0BT

If you have any queries about this consultation, please contact the Planning Policy Team on (01883 732764) or email

As well as the Draft Charging Schedule the District Council has produced a draft CIL Instalments Policy and a draft Regulation 123 List (123 List). The 123 List sets out the types of infrastructure which will be funded or part funded by CIL. It is still possible to secure infrastructure funding through Section 106 planning obligations, but this will be restricted to infrastructure not on or excluded from the 123 List. The draft CIL Instalments Policy has been open to consultation but will not form part of the CIL Examination. The 123 List will be considered at the CIL examination. Copies of the draft Instalments Policy and Regulation 123 List are available to view below.

*Please note that the consultation period has been extended to 5pm Monday 27 January 2014

Previous Stages

August 2013 - Consultation on CIL Draft Charging Schedule

The District Council undertook a consultation which ran from Friday 23 August until 5pm Friday 4 October 2013, in line with Regulation 16 and 17 of the Community Infrastructure Regulations 2010 (as amended). The consultation Draft Charging Schedule is available to view here:

The Council received comments from 14 respondents and these are able to be viewed by clicking on the link below:

March 2013 - Consultation on Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule  

The District Council consulted on a Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule between Monday 11 March and Monday 22 April 2013. The Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule was set out in an appendix to a CIL consultation document which is available to view by following the link below.

The District Council received 31 representations to the Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule consultation and these are available to view by following the link below.

 Evidence base

To support the development of the Charging Schedule the Council has carried out the following pieces of work: