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Validation checklist

Validation is the checking that an application has been submitted with the required information to allow processing to start. These validation requirements do not apply to householder applications.

Please download the Local Validation Checklist.  This will explain how to find out what information you must submit with your application.  Failing to submit the Local Validation Checklist and the Biodiversity Checklist will make your application invalid and we will not check or process it any further.

Associated documents. 

 What will we check at Validation Stage 

  • The Local Validation Checklist has been completed and information the applicant says is there is included
  • The Biodiversity Checklist has been completed
  • The drawings are in accordance with the validation requirements (and make sense etc) but only if the checklists have been submitted

 What we will not check at Validation Stage 

  • We will not check that the completion of the Validation Checklist is correct, only that it has been completed
  • We will not check that the completion of the Biodiversity Checklist is correct, only that it has been completed
  • We will not check the quality of any information submitted
  • We will do no more validation if either of the two checklists are absent or not completed

Applicants have a far greater knowledge of their sites than the Council does.  It is therefore necessary, through the completion of the checklists for applicants to 'self-certify' that their applications have been submitted with the required information.  It is not possible for validation staff to second guess whether the answers on the checklists are correct.

Submission of all the information requirements does not necessarily mean that we will not require further information at a later stage.  It is for applicant’s to determine whether information is required according to the Local Validation Requirements.  If it is later found, after validation, that required information has not been submitted the application is likely to be invalid and processing would have to start afresh.

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