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Major planning applications

A major planning application: 

  • Has 10 or more new dwellings.
  • Is an office/light industrial/general industrial/retail development of over 1000 square metres or site area greater than 1 hectare.
  • Is a site exceeding one hectare

The Council has 13 weeks in which to determine major planning applications, which is longer than the 8 weeks for most other types of application.  This is because they will usually involve consultation with a number of other statutory bodies and specialist advisers due to the complexity of the issues and scale of the development.  If the proposals also trigger assessment under the EIA regulations (Environmental Impact Assessment), this period is extended to 16 weeks.

The statutory consultation period for major applications is the same as for other application types (21 days). However, as with all applications, provided comments are made before the decision is made, they will be taken into account. 

 Major planning applications are likely to be determined by the Planning Committee, however this is not always the case.  The planning case officer can advise on timescales for determination, and whether an application is to be heard by the Planning Committee or determined under delegated powers.

 As with all other  local planning authorities, this Council's performance in determining major applications is monitored by the government.  For the current monitoring period (2 years), 96% of major applications determined by this Authority were within the agreed time limit.  This places us in the top 7% of all local planning authorities determining major planning applications in England.