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Conservation areas

Conservation Areas are areas of which the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance. They can be anything from small rural hamlets to historic town centres, they are designated by the local planning authority.

The character can be derived from a whole variety of features - historic street patterns, the use of characteristic building materials or architectural styles, the relationship between buildings and open spaces, the presence of important trees. Conservation Areas can also be designated to protect areas which have a particular historic importance.

There are 19 Conservation Areas in Tandridge and these are listed below. The boundaries of the Conservation Areas can be seen by looking at the Planning Policy Maps.

For more information on what designation means see the Conservation areas - control of development page

 Church Town Conservation Area Godstone

List of conservation areas in Tandridge
NameDescriptionDate of designationArea (in hectares)
Bletchingley Historic village - former market town. A Bletchingley Conservation Area Appraisal has been adopted as Supplementary Planning Guidance. 1969 18
Brewer Street & Place Farm, Bletchingley Historic hamlet - containing Grade I listed Brewer Street Farm and site of former Bletchingley Palace 1990 22
Broadham Green and Spring Lane Oxted Area containing hamlet of Broadham Green and buildings and other features at Oxted Mill 1990 31
Burstow Small historic village 1990 6
Caterham Barracks Former 19th century army barracks - now redeveloped for mixed uses 1996 11
Chaldon Historic village centre - centred on church and Chaldon Court 1973 7
Fickleshole Small hamlet containing two farms and the White Bear PH 1990 5
Godstone - Church Town Historic centre of Godstone ('Walkingstead") - contains Church of St Nicholas and Grade II* listed almshouses 1972 3
Godstone - The Green Godstone village centre - centred around Godstone Green 1972 17
Great Farleigh Green Small settlement - buildings grouped around central common 1990 14
Kenley Aerodrome Battle of Britain Airfield - In December 2005 the part of Kenley Airfield within Tandridge was designated a Conservation Area. In January 2006 the London Borough of Croydon designated the part within its area a Conservation Area. A joint Kenley Aerodrome Conservation Area Proposals Statement has been adopted as Supplementary Planning Guidance. 2005 15
Limpsfield Historic village centre 1972 19
Lingfield Originally designated as three areas - Gun Pond, Church Town and High Street 1972/1972/
Oxted Historic centre of Oxted, now known as Old Oxted - characterised by steep, narrow road 1972 5
Outwood Village centred on Outwood Common and Grade I listed Outwood Mill 1990 34
Pendell Small settlement comprised of a number of large country houses including Grade I listed Pendell House 1990 22
South Park Small, isolated settlement centred on South Park House and St Marks Chapel 1990 3
Station Road West, Oxted Street comprised almost entirely of early 20th century 'mock Tudor' buildings, many with elaborate wood carving detail 1990 2
Woldingham Green Village centre with Woldingham Green as central feature 1990 3