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Community alarms and telecare

A community alarm is an easily installed unit, which is plugged into your telephone line, giving you a 24-hour access to a Care Centre. The Community Alarm Service Leaflet gives basic information on the services available.

How does it work?

The unit is supplied with a pendant, which can be pressed during an emergency, activating the unit and calling through to the Care Centre. At Tandridge we use Mole Valley District Council's Care Centre in Leatherhead.

An operator will talk to you to find out what is wrong, even if you are unable to reach the telephone. Immediate action can be taken to provide you with help, whether you need an ambulance, a doctor's visit or help from a relative.

How much does it cost?

We make no charge for installation, but the service costs £4.40 per week (1st April 2017) exclusive of VAT for equipment rental and call monitoring.

In certain circumstances, a community alarm and other sensors (such as smoke detectors and pill dispensers) may be available free of charge for up to six weeks. To find out more please call the Community Alarm Team on 01883 716636.

How do I join?

If you would like someone to visit you to discuss the Community Alarm Service and to give a free demonstration, please telephone the Community Alarm Team on 01883 716636.

Further information, including answers to the most frequently asked questions, is provided in our Community Alarm Information Booklet.