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Anti social behaviour

The East Surrey Community Safety Partnership (CSP) is committed to tackling anti-social behaviour and will use the full range of powers and resources available to take action.

The ES CSP (East Surrey Community Safety Partnership) is a multi agency partnership consisting of Surrey Police & Surrey Police Authority, District/Borough Council, Surrey County Council, East Surrey Clinical Commissioning Group, Surrey Fire & Rescue Service, and Surrey & Sussex Probation Service.

Anti-social Behaviour (ASB)

What is anti-social behaviour?

Anti-social behaviour is a broad term used to describe day to day incidents of crime, nuisance and disorder that can make people’s lives a misery.

It can range from litter and vandalism, to graffiti or drunken and rowdy behaviour, to noisy and abusive neighbours and inconsiderate use of vehicles.

It does not include reasonable behaviour such as children playing, everyday noise from lawn mowers and noise from DIY projects (unless carried out at unreasonable times), nor does it include groups of youngsters in the streets or parks, unless they are being rowdy, abusive or causing damage or other crime.

What is a Community Trigger?

ASB victims or someone acting on their behalf can request a review of their anti-social complaints if they are unhappy with the response to the reported ASB issues.

You can submit a CommunityTrigger if:

  • You have reported three times in the last six months, separate but related asb  incidents to an agency/agencies and the problem persists, or
  • You are aware that five or more people in the local community have reported separate but related, anti-social incidents to agencies in the last six months and the problem persists.

Please note: to qualify, a complaint of ASB needs to be made within one month from the date when the behaviour is alleged to have occurred.

If you would like more information or wish to submit a Community Trigger request, please click on the following link Community Trigger.

You have a right to expect the police, your council and other agencies to make tackling anti-social behaviour a priority. But community support also plays an important role. By working with local agencies you can help ensure successful action can be taken against anti-social behaviour.

You can help us by

  • Reporting anti-social behaviour when you see it.
  • Joining or setting up a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.
  • Attending the regular Neighbourhood Panel Meetings.
  • Becoming a member of Surrey Police Special Constabulary.

By playing an active role in your community, you can really help make a difference and together we can create a place where anti-social behaviour is tackled and not tolerated.

Further information on antisocial behaviour and details of how to report it can be found on: