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Preventing Homelessness

Housing options self-help tool ›

This tool is designed to provide you with full details of the housing options available to you by asking a series of basic questions about your circumstances.

Who we can help ›

Who is eligible for assistance.

What help can you expect from the council ›

Details of our homelessness prevention services

Common housing problems ›

Advice pages on some of the most common housing problems

Temporary accommodation ›

A guide to the temporary accommodation that is available

Private Sector Access Scheme ›

A scheme that aims to offer housing to households who may not be able to rent in the private sector because they can’t raise the deposit or pay rent in advance.

Rent deposit scheme ›

A scheme to help non-priority households to rent in the private sector.

Rough sleepers ›

The services that are available to people sleeping rough and what to do if you suspect that a person is sleeping rough.

Youth homelessness ›

The services that are available for young homeless people

The ETHOS project ›

Employment, Training & Housing Options Support

Finding accommodation in Tandridge ›

A guide to the types of accommodation that are available