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Tenancy Strategy

The government has introduced a number of reforms to how social housing is allocated and managed to create what it believes will be a fairer and more flexible system. One of these reforms is giving councils and housing associations the option of offering new tenants a flexible fixed term tenancy.

This does not affect existing tenants who held a tenancy before 1 April 2013.

All new general needs tenancies issued since 1 April 2013 are flexible tenancies on five year terms. All new tenants have to first complete a 12 month Introductory Tenancy. Sheltered housing properties continue to be let on lifetime tenancies.

Tenants with a flexible tenancy will have most of the same rights as current secure 'lifetime' tenants, with the main exception being the fixed term.

All flexible tenancies will be reviewed towards the end of the tenancy period. In the majority of cases we expect there will be no changes and the tenancy will be renewed for another five years. If the tenant’s circumstances have changed, or there are concerns around behaviour, the tenancy may be ended or renewed for a shorter term. In some circumstances a different property may be offered. 

Read our Tenancy Strategy to find out more.

The Tenancy Policy describes in more detail how the Council operates and manages flexible tenancies, including the review process.