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Housing Allocation Scheme

The Housing Allocation Scheme is used to decide who gets housing, which is essential as there are a lot more applicants for housing than there are vacant properties.

The current Housing Allocation Scheme came into effect on 1st April 2017.

The main changes to the scheme were as follows:

  • the identification of classes of applicants that would not qualify for an allocation of accommodation
  • the introduction of a framework for assessing the affordability of particular accommodation, prior to it's allocation
  • the inclusion of a policy statement regarding the Right to Move

Housing providers and other stakeholders were consulted about the new scheme.


The Housing Register

We have a Housing Register of people applying for housing.

On 1 April 2017, there were 1,323 households on the register.

There were 246 lettings made to council and housing association homes through the Housing Register in 2016/17.

All persons aged 16 years or over are currently considered eligible to join the Housing Register unless they are:

  • Ineligible persons from abroad (e.g. those subject to immigration control or not resident in the UK).
  • Households guilty of unacceptable behaviour (e.g. with a proven history of serious neighbour nuisance or significant rent arrears).