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Tenants' Transfer Incentive Scheme

The Tenants' Transfer Incentive Scheme offers a fixed incentive payment to those transferring from family-sized general needs accommodation to accommodation for older persons or those aged over 40. The scheme offers:

  • A £1,500 incentive grant to tenants moving to smaller accommodation, plus a £500 disturbance allowance.
  • A £2,000 incentive grant to tenants moving to a low demand property, plus a £500 disturbance allowance.

The disturbance payment is a fixed amount to help with the reasonable costs of moving home - removals, connection and disconnection of services replacement carpets and curtains etc. The low demand incentive grant will only be paid to tenants moving to a property assessed by the Housing Needs Manager as being in low demand. Low demand properties are generally those properties for which there are no applicants on the Council's lists.

The above payments are subject to budget limits. If there are more requests for transfer incentive grants than there is funding available, the Council will give priority to those moving from accommodation that is more urgently needed, or help with a transfer in the new financial year.

The money will be given to the tenant when all the keys to the former property are returned to us, the property has been inspected and is in a satisfactory state of repair. The actual amount may be adjusted to take account of any rent arrears, Housing Benefit overpayment or the cost of any works the Council has to carry out at the vacated premises as a result of damage or neglect on the part of the tenant.

Who is eligible?

A Transfer Incentive Grant is available to those who:

  • Are council tenants and occupy a property suitable for use by a family.
  • Qualify, in accordance with the current allocation policy, to occupy accommodation designated for older persons or those over 40 years of age.
  • Agree to transfer to accommodation as described above and provide vacant possession of their present home.

Who is not eligible?

A Transfer Incentive Grant is not available to those who:

  • The Council has commenced legal proceedings against.
  • Are licensees.
  • Are in rent arrears and where reasonable repayment of the debt cannot be negotiated.

Find out more in the Transfer Incentive Scheme Booklet.