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Insurance and claims

Many council tenants believe renting from Tandridge means we automatically insure their furniture, belongings and decorations against theft and damage. This is not the case.

We strongly advise all tenants to take out household contents insurance. You can do this through the Council's Tenants' Insurance Scheme, or by making your own private arrangements. The scheme charges the same rate wherever you live in the district, not according to your post code.

This insurance scheme has the benefit of low cost premiums exclusive to Council tenants. The policy is arranged with a major insurance company, the Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company (RSA) and only available to council tenants.

What will it cost?

Premiums vary according to whether you choose to pay weekly, fortnightly, monthly or annually, and are set out in detail in the proposal booklet.

How to apply

Please see below for details of the scheme and a proposal form. Make sure you answer all the questions and sign the declaration. Return it to RSA at the address shown on the form.

Start date

Insurance starts when the insurance company informs you you have been accepted into the scheme and advises you of the weekly premium.

Claims against the council

Council tenants may make insurance claims against the Council for any damage that the Council causes to the tenants' possessions, or injury to the tenant or members of their family. To make a claim please complete the Public liability claim form.

As an example, if a council tradesman were to hammer a nail into the wall and burst a pipe which led to the floor being flooded and ruining the tenant's carpet, the Council would be responsible for the cost of replacing the carpet.

There are a variety of other issues for which the Council may not be at fault. For example, if there is a particularly bad storm which lifts a tile off of a roof and as a result water comes through the roof, through the ceiling and damages a bedroom carpet, the Council would claim it has not been negligent as it could not have prevented that from happening. Under such circumstances the Council would seek to reject any such claim. If you are unsure about whether or not you could make a claim against the Council, please use the contact details below.