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Council housing - community safety

Crime Prevention 

We can all help bring crime down. Most crime is against property, not people and are committed on the spur of the moment - possessions left in a car or a door or window to a house left open. But you can reduce the risk by securing your home and car. We work with the police to resolve community safety issues and welcome suggestions for improvement from tenants.

The chances you, or a member of your family will be a victim of crime are low. Crimes and especially violent crimes in Tandridge are still comparatively rare. Many people are frightened they, or someone close to them, will be the victim of crime. The best way to minimise the risks of crime are by taking sensible precautions.

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Other ways you can help

You can help by simply being alert and observant when out and about in your neighbourhood - or you could apply to join the local Neighbourhood Watch or Special Constabulary.

  • Roads, footpaths and subways: report streets, footpaths and subways which are not well lit. (link to Surrey Highways?)
  • Home insurance: does your insurance company offer discounts on home insurance if you are a member of Neighbourhood Watch? If not, find an insurance company which does.
  • Mobile Phones: Every mobile phone has a unique IMEI number - Dial *#06# to get yours and make a note of it so that if it is stolen, you can give it to the police to help recover, or to your service provider to stop the phone being used by anyone else.

The Council's Community Safety Priorities

East Surrey Community Safety Partnership has identified the following as priorities:

  • Anti-social Behaviour
  • Rural Crime
  • Substance Misuse
  • Domestic Abuse

More information can be found in the Community safety section.