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Moving home?

Moving Couple Carrying Rolled Carpet

If you are moving in or out of the area, please fill in the relevant form below to help us make sure your council tax account is up to date. Please give as much information as possible. You can also use either form to let us know if you are moving within the district.

If you are selling your home, but do not have a completion date for the sale, please do not submit the form until you know the date. Council tax is calculated on a daily basis, so the exact date of moving is important to provide you with an accurate statement.

Free change of address service

If you are moving home we can help you tell everyone for free, using our special arrangement with

Once you have registered, your change of address details will be sent to all the organisations you select, saving you time and money. The information is sent straight to the organisations databases.

Click on the following link to register your details: I am moving

The details you provide are only used to tell the companies you select about your change of address, complying with the 1998 Data Protection Act.

You can use this service to tell the following organisations about your change of address: Tandridge District Council, the other Surrey Councils, TV licence, telephone, gas, water and electricity, companies, banks and building societies, magazine subscriptions, store and loyalty cards.

This service has been developed with, in partnership with all the Surrey councils and is part of a joint initiative to delivery enhanced local services using technology.

Information to help with your move

Moving into the area - on this page you will find lots of links to services you might need, as well as information and advice. If you are moving into the area you can register your details using the Moving in form.