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Housing benefit ›

Find out about housing benefit.

Apply for benefit ›

Apply for housing benefit or council tax reduction.

Council Tax Support ›

Help available towards paying council tax and details of the second adult rebate.

Change of circumstances ›

You must tell us of any changes that might affect your benefit.

Discretionary Payments ›

Information about and eligibility for discretionary payments.

Under occupancy ›

Work out how your housing benefit is affected by the number of people in your household.

Universal Credit and other benefit changes ›

How to prepare for the introduction of Universal Credit and other benefit changes.

Preparing for universal credit ›

Advice on budgeting and making sure you have a suitable bank account for Universal Credit payments.

Benefits cap ›

The amount of benefit you can get is capped.

Benefit appeals ›

How to appeal the housing benefit amount awarded to you.

Fraud ›

Blow the whistle on benefit fraud.

Landlord ›

View your tenant's details online.