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Selling to Tandridge District Council

We are one of the biggest businesses in Surrey, spending around £16m every year on procuring works, goods and services from external organisations. We are happy to buy from any reputable company and especially welcome micro, small and medium sized businesses local to the Tandridge District. Read our supplier's charter statement.

What is procurement?

Procurement covers the process by which works, goods and services are acquired from suppliers and managed throughout their life. Procurement is always conducted in accordance with the Council's Constitution and our Procurement Strategy.

We are looking for ways of making the process simpler and more efficient by looking at electronic solutions including e-invoicing and payments and making sure that whatever process we use our suppliers are not disadvantaged.

We have recently implemented an electronic procurement system in partnership with other councils in the south east. This is the South East Shared Services e-sourcing Portal.

To have access to tenders and quotation opportunities from Tandridge and other councils in the partnership please register your company.

The portal is secure and easy to use and saves you having to supply your details separately for each opportunity.

Why provide information on how to sell to us?

Quite simply the more information we give you, the more likely you are to tender for the most suitable contracts saving both parties time and money in seeking the best agreements.

Tandridge District Council seeks to obtain the best possible value for money at a price that is reasonable both for us and our suppliers. We have a Procurement Suppliers Charter that tells you what you can expect from us and gives you an idea of how we expect business to be conducted.

Contracts Register

Tandridge District Council publishes details of all current contracts with a value that exceeds £5,000.

To view the current register - Contracts Register.

Prompt Payment Code

Tandridge DC is a signatory to the prompt payment code. This means that we are committed to adhering to our agreed contractual payment terms and we will not attempt to retrospectively change terms. We believe this code is good practice and we would encourage all our suppliers to consider adopting the code to ensure maximum benefit is felt by the business community. We also undertake to provide guidance on payment procedures and will advise if payments are to be delayed.

Future procurement enhancements

Electronic procurement allows us to place orders and pay money using e-forms, e-mail and BACS payment facilities. We already have this in place in some areas of the Council and are extending it across the whole organisation. We also still deal with paper invoices and payment processes, however in the longer term this may be phased out as it is less efficient. 

Procuring housing work

We use a range of procurement methods, as set out in the Council's constitution dependant upon the likely value of the contract. These methods apply to all types of work from gas servicing and repairs to major modernisation and improvement projects.

Generally we search Constructionline, the governments register of pre-qualified construction suppliers to carry out our schemes of work. We have developed procurement software in partnership with the South East Shared Services Partnership which incorporates advertising tendering opportunities and an e-tendering process.  Suppliers would therefore need to register on the portal and Constructionline to identify, register an interest and qualify.

We also consider framework agreements where appropriate

Contact details

If you want further information about the way Tandridge procures goods and services, or to register an interest in responding to a tender, please e-mail customer services.