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Making an application - the options

houseplanAny building project to create something new or alter or extend an existing building will usually need to comply with current building regulations. Any person carrying out building work needs to ensure work complies with these regulations.

There are some types of work which will be exempt from the building regulations and an application will not be necessary. There are also procedures that need to be followed and notifications given to Building Control before, during and on completion of the project.

Building regulations applications are made to the local authority where the work is being carried out.

Options for submitting an application

There are two options when submitting an application for building works:

Full Plans

This is the most common type of application we receive for building works. It ensures any issues are dealt with upfront and gives you assurance about your building works. Detailed drawings are submitted together with the relevant fee for the work being undertaken.

The plans are carefully checked by your building control surveyor so an approval notice can be issued before work starts. This process can take up to 8 weeks depending on the project, but in most cases it will be completed well before this and our aim is to check plans within 10 working days.

Building Notice

This is a simpler procedure generally used for minor works such as the removal of an internal load bearing wall, when all assessments are carried out during our inspection visits. This type of application cannot be used for commercial developments.

A big advantage is that it allows work to start 48 hours after submission of the application, as there is no plan checking involved before work begins. If you need clarification on which application type would be suitable for your project or for information on the fees to be paid please contact us.

Ways to submit an application

At Tandridge Building Control we accept electronic and hard copy applications. Make an application online or download application forms and fees. If you are still unsure how to complete an application form or are short of time, call us and we can complete a telephone application with you.

Our fees

Our fees are competitive and categorised according to the type of work being carried out. They will provide you with certainty about the cost of your building project. A fee will be payable when you submit your application.

This is payable in two stages for a full plans application - a plan check fee on submission and the balance when we carry out our first inspection of the work, or all upfront in the case of a building notice. There is no difference in the total fees payable. 

What happens after the application is submitted?

Once you are ready to start work on your project, you will need to call us to let us know. Your building control surveyor will make a series of site visits at relevant stages to check everything is proceeding in accordance with the Building Regulations and in the case of a full plans application, with your approved plans.

A completion certificate will be issued when all stages have been inspected and meet the regulations. It is important that you keep this document safe, as you will need it should you remortgage or sell your property in the future.

Forgot to make an application?

A regularisation application is used where you have already carried out building work after November 1985 and need to organise a retrospective acceptance of those works.